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system is for sale.

Multi Zone Alarm System

Is one of a kind

Multi-Zone Alarm is a portable and wireless security system, that can be used from the smallest household to the biggest industry. It is easy to install, no wires or cables required except for the battery charger that is a universal plug-in on the main unit only.

Multi Zone is unique in that it is a duplex system, it continuously communicates with the various input and output zones.
The basic unit of the system is a main panel with a portable keypad that serves as a programmer for the main panel and various controls e.g. zone controls, remote controls, electric door locks, surveillance camera controls and “keyless entry” units.

The heart of the system is a MCU (Micro Control Unit) that is software driven, that can handle up to 16 thousand zones this is limited to 99 by a two digit LED display, it can be divided into 99 sectors X 99 zones that is more than 9800 zones or the display can be expanded to multiple digits.

Some of the many features of Multi-Zone Alarm are:
1. Movement detection by, passive infrared and microwave.
2. Infrared beams in doors, passages, rooms, boundaries and carports.
3. Portable panic buttons.
4. Key less access control to security, high risk and sensitive areas
5. *MDMS IR bounce sensor
6. Any mechanical switch gear like window vibrators, magnetic reed switches, press buttons etc.
7. Automatic controlling of surveillance cameras
8. Access control with RF remote control, coded IR remote control, smart card, eeprom keys, magnetic strip swipe card, finger print, eye and voice ID.



All at once, with a single unit..
• All zones can be armed or disarmed by pushing one button on a key-fob remote control or single zones with the use of the keypad
• Continues communication between zones and main control make the unit tamper free, all defects and tampering on zone controls is reported as it happens.
• Missing signals from zone controls caused by malfunctions, strong unidentified radio frequency signals applied by intruders will cause alert.
• A plus feature of the system is to arm itself as soon as the last resident leaves the house without arming the alarm system.
• All vehicles are under protection of the system as soon as it's in the cover area of the system.
Note from the inventor
I have worked four years on this system, to iron out all weak points, the whole design is done with the high crime rate of South Africa in mind and the ability of criminals to disable security systems.
*Note: MDMS Is a patent of Micro Developments